Biclops and East Of The Wall, previously two similar bands with similar lineups, are now one band. will soon be dissolved, so visit for news and updates regarding the band.

All future recordings, including the forthcoming Ressentiment, recorded March through May of 2009 with producer Will Putney, will be released under the moniker East Of The Wall via Translation Loss.

East Of The Wall's split with Rosetta and Year Of No Light has just hit stores. Visit Translation Loss of more information.

-East Of The Wall {December 8th, 2009}

East Of The Wall "Farmer's Almanac" {2008} Day Without Dawn "Understanding Consequences" {2008} East Of The Wall "Self-Titled" {2006} Day Without Dawn "Self-Titled" {2006} The Postman Syndrome "Terraforming" {2002}

All of the albums that we have been involved in are for sale at:
The East Of The Wall Webstore and at our shows
{Understanding Consequences can be purchased digitally through Forgotten Empire}